*gasp* I can not find anyone with my niche


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So, I am doing some homework and trying to find VAs that work with entertainers providing press releases, image consulting, event planning, contests, that type of thing and I can not find anyone on the web.

Do you know of anyone like this?

Just wanted to double check. I have done this kind of work before all virtual.

It's kind of cool to be the odd ball.

Thanks for the info.


Definitely a very unique niche! I would love to know more about your niche especially since you already have experience providing it virtually. I am very close securing a nonprofit as a client and one of my responsibilities will be event planning. May I PM you?



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It may be a good thing if you don't find many in your niche. However, I know Sharon Williams owner of The 24 hour secretary focuses on convention preperation. It could be a similar concept. In fact, I had interviewed her on the Savvy Subcontracting podcast. She shared specific tasks that she provides to get ready for such an event.

What a great niche. I'm surprised that you haven't found outhers in that same arena. Are you saying that you haven't found others who directly support the entertainment business directly? I'm sure I've seen others who provide press writing services. I know someone in Arizona who writes press releases, not sure if they relate to entertainment though. If you would like to connect with her, let me know and I will see what I can do.


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I do press releases and media stuff for people, but not the entertainment industry.

Sarah x


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Hey BeePea,

I know this is off the subject, but I would REALLY like to know where/how you set up the online appointment booking system on your website. Would you please PM me?