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I am in the process of wanting to utilize Google Hangouts as an additional client resource. Anyone interested in doing a hangout so that I can play around and get everything sorted out. I am anticipating it will be brief but it will last as long as the conversation does.

There can be up to 10 on the hangout so the more the merrier. You can be new to the forum or have been hanging around a bit. There is no criteria other than wanting to learn how hangouts work.

So come join me in a Google Hangout where you can ask me anything and learn this valuable resource too.
Hi Lee,
I would love to Hangout with you. I have been asked to participate with a friends company using this and need to learn how to do it!


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Google hangout is awesome. I'd be willing to work thru it with you all as well. I'm in my office all day today and tomorrow morning. I'm on the east coast.


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Thanks everyone. I was thinking tomorrow morning (EST). If you are in please send me your email address to lee [at] and I will get everything set up.

Virtual Roxanne

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Sorry I missed this. It was very short notice and I had a dentist appointment already scheduled that I couldn't change on a whim. :-( Hopefully everyone learned a lot!!


The Virtual Assistants community on G+ is hosting a hangout on Friday the 12th at 1p (ET). No real agenda, so feel free to pop on. Short URL to the community (then look for events on the left):