Google+ Pages now open for business


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I have set it up but need to add the particulars, such as photo. And of course read more about it too. What I do love is if you find a typo in an update then you can correct it. And of course with it being a Google product I am sure the public updates will help with SEO.


I put up something basic just to get started. Yet another place to monitor and update but hey, it's free and it's Google :)


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I have set up a page, don't see much different between Facebook pages though... but will give it a go and see. I'm not particularly happy that it won't let me upload my logo properly, no matter what size I upload I can only get part of it to show up. But anyway... :eek:


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Will definately have to check out the Google + page, but I have no one from my niche utilizing Google +. Hopefully that will change in the future.


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I was ready to create a page for my business - and then I read this post by Chris Lang:

I believe Google+ pages are great for some businesses, and will be suggesting it to some of my clients. But as a location independent business, I'm not sure it is right for me. Plus, I have enough social media networks to keep up with as it is!

What are everyone else's thought on this? Would love some feedback to think about.


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Personally Gladys I don't see it adding much benefit to my business - my Facebook page certainly didn't which is why I ditched it earlier this year. But I'm prepared to give it a go and see if it's any different.

I definitely agree that all social media channels aren't great for all businesses and you have to pick and focus on the ones that are right for you -in my own case twitter and Linked In are fabulous.