Resource Google posts SEO Starter Guide


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You're so right Kim - Google seems to rule the roost when it comes to search results, so it makes sense to listen up when they share info. Thanks so much for sharing this!

(Another great Google/SEO info source is Matt Cutts' blog - Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO)
Super Cool Kim, thanks. I'm actually doing a research project on SEO this week (independent learning while client work is slim to none :nonod:).
I just read that Google's algorithm changed 450 times last year and page rank is determined by 200 factors, 500 million variables and 200 billion terms! I'm looking forward to reading this guide.


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There is just sooo much info to absorb and learn everywhere - too bad no one is paying me for all of this :)

Virtually Dee

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I'm still learning about SEO, so this guide is very helpful.

I just viewed the Matt Cutts blog. The pie chart indicates Firefox has over 50% of the browser visits to Microsoft's approx. 25%. I never knew Firefox was that popular, but I'm glad to see some competition for Microsoft.


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Thank you Kimberly for sharing! One of my goals for 2009 is to learn about SEO as much as possible.


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Wow, this was a great resource. It allowed me to fix up a few things in my own coding, so hopefully those web crawlers will love my site!


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This is so helpful if you want to get anyone on Google....SEO is so complex, even though I am muddling my way through it, having something to really teach me is helpful. Thanks!