Has anyone of you tried Freelancer.com?


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You don't have to have a premium account to attract business. Your account level affects your amount of bids allowed and perks. There are often coupon codes available for discounts on the premium accounts


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I have gotten a couple of jobs on it and I continue to bid on jobs. I have across a lot of scams thru them too.

Marj Weekender

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Scams have never missed to attack every single Freelance site. tHEY'RE like bacteria.:applause: They're always there. LOL

Thank you friends for sharing. I already have a Freelance account. But I haven't gotten any work from it. Wish me luck for my bids.


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I have used Freelancer for doing writing unique articles for my blogs but I have never went to them as a frellancer myself.

I think it is something I need to look at though while I am building my business and actually have my calender completely booked with paying customers.


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I used freelancer when I was transitioning from working outside of the home into my VA business, but never had any success. I've gotten clients from Guru and Elance, but now only consider an assignment if I'm invited to bid.
I found that people from all around the world tend to bid quite low and can't really get any business. I've relied on networking, word of mouth and associations such as IVAA, CVAC, CVAN, etc.


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I have an Elance account, but have not acquired any work as of yet. I have not tried Freelancer, but I will. Thanks for the information. SimplyVirtual


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Actually I have used them. It is nice, I have used them as a freelancer and the jobs were not that hard but fun to do. Getting paid for them was nice also. I have also used them and hired freelancers for my Virtual Assistant business. I didn't have them do much. I only paid "peanuts" for the chance to do work, but gave them an excellent rating which they want in order to get other freelancing jobs. (I figured, when I put my company on there, more people seem to see my company and what it does. Word of mouth is a good source of advertising).
Don't laugh, but my first job as a freelancer (only three weeks ago) paid only 3.00! I got a check and I deposited it in my business account. (It was made out to my business). Someone wanted me to look up a word a month (unusual word) that was for the wedding industry for his newsletter. I know it was only 3 bucks, but I was soooo elated to get that. hehehe.
Be very careful if you do use the freelancing areas online. There are many scams and you have to recognize them. As business owners we usually can recognize them, but lone freelancers looking for work sometimes dont see it coming.


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I was almost giving up on freelancer. I just keep bidding and even lowered my rates to see if I could get a job. I guess I will keep trying there...