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VA Karen

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Going through and reading articles from the sba website, I came across an article about doing business in multiple states. My question is: As a virtual assistant, do we need to get a certificate of authority or a certificate of foreign business from this other state before we can do business with a company in that state? If so, then that means we need 1 for each state in the US?

I just want to make sure I'm starting out on the right foot in the legal way.
Hi Karen,

That's a great question! I haven't heard of anything like that before, unless you sell products. In that case, you may need a seller's permit for each state, but with so much business happening across the U.S., I wouldn't think you have to have something in each state.

I'm looking forward to seeing what people know about this! Thanks for bringing it up!


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Karen, what did the SBA article have to say about your question? Did it give you any suggestions? I know several types of service businesses that work for companies in other states, but don't know that they have certificates in each.

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No need for a business license in each state if you are working with clients in other states.

If your state or local government requires a business license, then you would need this for your place of business.

You can ask the SBA directly for a complete answer to that question or you can ask the Department of Labor in your state (google that) for specific answers. That's what they are there for.



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I would think you don't need anything but in your own state because you are actually doing the business in your state not theirs since it is virtual. But I would wait and see from someone with actual knowledge of it. :)