Hello everyone!


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Hi all,

I'm new, stumbled upon this board while brainstorming ideas for businesses I can start from home. I'll likely be asking lots of questions. However, the information that is already here is awesome (and a little overwhelming). Can't wait to get started putting it all together.

I'm in Texas, by the way.



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Hi Steph,

Welcome and here you will find an amazing group of people. I've been on the forums for about 7 months now and I have learned so much from this group. Enjoy!


VA Karen

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Hello and Welcome, Steph! I absolutely love, love, love it here! Might I make a suggestion? What helped me with this information, was separating it into folders. Then I would write down the information I need and I keep it in a binder near my computer.

Good luck in your business venture!


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Thank you, Karen. I have started taking notes on the one zillion legal pads I have around my house. I will try your system. I do like to have actual, physical, notes to go along with all my online stuff. Nice to meet you!

I've been on the forum for only a few days, but it's really amazing what you can learn here! Everyone that's answered my questions so far has been informative and helpful, I think you'll like it here. :shy:

in Nebraska