Hello from a Newbie in the Midwest


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Hi Everyone,

I don’t think that I ever introduced myself; at least I couldn’t find it or see it in the few posts that I have written. Therefore, while I am on the board tonight I thought I would at least do that while thinking of it.

I started my business two years ago in June while my husband was unemployed. We racked our brains to figure out what we could do to earn and income from home. Due to our backgrounds in office and purchasing management, we came up with a Virtual Assistant business.

A few jobs trickled in the first year, but it has been this second year that I have gained clients with ongoing needs. I think all of my clients have been great and feel blessed to work with them. Most of my clients are using services like marketing, social media networking, writing (blogging, reviews etc.) business communication and administrative tasks.

In addition to working from home, I am also a homeschooling mother to a beautiful crew of children.

Perhaps I will meet more of you tonight during the chat session, which I am really looking forward to!

Kind Regards,
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Hi Theresa & welcome to the board! Sounds like your business has a good solid start! I look forward to reading more about you & your success.

BTW, how big is your "crew of children?"




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Hello --

I love hearing about husband and wife teams who have made a go out of being VAs. My husband currently has a full-time job, but the dream is for him to eventually come on board so that we can have a more balanced lifestyle (more time to exercise, volunteer, spend with friends and family, etc.) -- and time to travel.

Life is way too short to spend it in a cubicle, plus with all of the downsizing going around these days working for yourself almost feels more stable than being an employee.

Glad to hear your business is going strong!



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Thank you, Ladies, for the warm welcome.

We have seven children and another due in August. :) Ages 13 down to 2. My three older girls are a tremendous help and I wouldn't be able to work from home without their help and my husband's support. It isn't without it's challenges though, but we are all learning together how to make work, homeschooling and family life mesh.

I am always hesitant to announce how large our family is especially in front of any potential clients - not that my current clients have a problem with it, obviously they don's :) - it's just a fear I have that it will turn them off.

And just to clarify, even though my husband and I started out in this together, I have actually been the one to get the most work. He did go back to work last fall to his old place of employment when a new owner took it over. It is still our dream to have him home again. We'd love to have a family business actually.

Looking forward to getting to know you all better. Great to be on the chat last night! Thanks again, Tess and all.




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That is great that you and your husband can do it together. That is our desire too, whether it is as VAs or something different. As with any business, it all takes time and lots of effort.

No, it isn't a small feat, but each day is certainly an experience and a juggling act. :juggle:

Hi Theresa

All I can say is WOW! and thank you for sharing your story. I am just creating my business, and our son is now 20, so there is just Patrick and I, and I still find it a challenge. You definitely give me hope.