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Hi Everyone,
I'm back, 3 yrs later, with a new name. I had every intention of starting my VA business back then, but suddenly found myself sidetracked managing my daughters band/music career and working odd jobs within the music industry. 3 yrs later, we've relocated from Ontario to Alberta, daughter started college, and I finally have the time to commit to starting and growing my VA business here in our new home town. After spending so much time working closely with musicians/artists I realized many of them needed a lot of help in varied areas. Many musicians can't afford management these days, but can afford to pay for certain tasks that they either don't have time for, or just can't manage to accomplish/don't have the skill set for.
3 yrs ago, somone on this board (wish I could remember her name, lovely lady) commented that with all the work I was doing for my daughter and her band, that she was going to call me Virtual Roadie. Well, it stuck and I'm known in the industry by that name now, so it only made sense to keep it going.
Anyhooooo, I'm looking forward to meeting and sharing with all of you fine people on this board. I can't believe how much this forum has grown in 3 yrs, a huge tribute to the admins for sure.

Sorry, this is long winded LOL...I just wanted to say HI :sunny:

~Mj (aka Virtual Roadie)

Virtual Roadie

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Thanks for the kind welcomes back Ladies, much appreciated! Looking forward to getting to know you better and sharing ideas. Today I'm working on a tag line :)