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I just recently became an aspiring VA by accident. I wanted to be one years ago, but I gave up on it. I was just recently asked if I outsourced since I do work from home and she offered me a really low end pay, also she offered to ride with her to a small business meeting. Well I passed out my business cards and placed some flyers on the table and they disappeared as the meeting ended. So now I am inspired!:sunny:


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Good for you however the phrase that struck me was "a really low end pay". It is great to take advantage of offers as they come when building your business however you do not want to pigeon hole yourself into offering rates that will not allow you to have a fair wage for yourself and your business.

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:welcome: I also started with low pay when I was asked about working from home for a few hours/month for a colleague. That jump-started my business and i haven't looked back OR discounted my services since. BUT... since that was the job that got me into being a VA, I don't regret it! :)


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Hello and welcome, Mrs. Karla! You and I have a similar background - - I too planned on being a VA about 8 years ago and began promoting myself but never went 100% into it and then got busy with other things, like getting married and being a mom.

Congrats on getting back into the biz and finding this terrific board! Can't wait to hear the feedback on your flyers and business cards.

Welcome, Mrs. Karla. Congratulations on landing your first client! This board has so much to offer. Just keep learning and growing. It was very nice of your client to ride with you to the first meeting. I'm sure all of your networking will bear fruit.

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Well done. You are officially in business. I'm also just starting out and have worked hard on landing my first 2 clients offering a discount on the rate of pay to get going. I agree with a some of the other posts about further discounting or low end pay...do not pigeon hole yourself, know your worth and the value in what you charge. People will pay decent rates for quality, reliable work.

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Welcome to VAF Mrs. Karla! Lots to learn here. Congrats on securing your first client. All the best!


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Congratulations Karla! Best of luck to you with your business. You will find that this site is great and a group of wonderful people always willing to help each other out.:welcome: