Hello from Northern California


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Hi All,

What a GREAT forum! Just some backround about me...I started my business in 1995 calling myself an off-site office assistant and people were like "what kind of assistant are you???" - "how are you going to do the work when you are not here???" - "are you crazy that will never work". It has been a long and wonderful road.

I took "off" (only keep two of my clients) the last 1.5 years to give my new little guy most of my time (loving the whole mommy thing). With the crazy times we are having in the world today (hubby got laid off from his job) he has decided to join me in the business! He's background is outside sales. He has found lots of great information on the forum...gaining more and more confidence everyday that he can educate people about virtual assistance and that it's another way (and the best way?!) for clients to get more done.

Does anyone else work with their husband/wife?

Thanks again for all of your valuable information and insights!



Dear Lisa- I was the one next newest post from you. My husband and I have worked together at home for many years. It has allowed us to be able to spend time at the other end of the lifeline-- with my parents.
Iam thankful this forum exists and plan to share it with my hubby shortly. He still has a marketing company that fills the niche of marketing newsletters for massage therapists to send to their client base. After being married for 37 years, we find we like most working with each other.
Susan aka rebelquilter


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:welcome: to the site Lisa!

There's a few people on the forum that does business with their hubby, so you won't be alone.

Congratulations on the re-vamping of your business - you are right, times are rough in the world these days and we all have to find a way to continue to provide for the family...my grandmother hasn't worked in close to 15 years and she was talking about going to a grocery store to complete a job application to help supplement the finances with my grandpa! :(

You will love it here with all of the support and information that you can find on the site...make sure you spend some time reading through the material and asking questions!

We're looking forward to seeing you (and your hubby) around :heart:

White Rose

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Hello Lisa,

I am glad to meet you and thank you for joining the VA community! You will find so many supportive members who will help and cheer you on as your venture grows.

It's always so important for us to have that supportive community around us at the same time being surrounded by so many wealthy information and resources to help us.

Best of luck! :)


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:welcome:Hi Lisa!

Congratulations on your new little one and he is a lucky little guy to have a mommy that puts him first and wants a career that allows you to put him first.

I think it's so awesome that you and your husband are doing this together. There are so many couples that can't make it work in business because they cannot separate business from home, especially when the business IS at home. So kudos to both of you for figuring it out or at least working on figuring it out!

You will find so much information and help here.

I wish you all the best with everything! Where in Northern California are you? I'm currently in Vegas, but lived in Sacramento for awhile.


By the way I LOVE your screen name!!! :happydance:

Jackie :D


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Hello and Welcome to the forum! Good luck to you and your hubby in starting a business together. I know it will work out great.

Lora S

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Welcome aboard,

You and your husband are going to make a great team, especially if you both offer different services.

Good luck on your new beginnings


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Hi All,

Thanks for the warm welcome!

My hubby (Chuck) went out last Friday and spend the day talking to all of his contacts about the "new" line of business he is in. I am so proud of him "stepping out of his box" and selling the idea of admin support to his old customers.

Jackie - we are in the Vacaville area (close to Sacramento). I started my business in the Bay Area (Union City). We moved up to Vacaville to be closer to all of the family - so now we have great babysitters when we need them! My screen name came from one of my clients years ago and it just stuck. I use it on my business cards too.


My daughter and I have a VA business, we just got our website up and running and are very excited. My hubby doesn't work with me but still gets me clients!

small world I lived in Vegas for 17 years Jackie, and i still have lots of family there..nice to meet you!


Used to live in Northern CA too! (btw, I'm Rhonda's daughter lol) and yes we lived in Vegas for a long time!

Welcome to the forum!!


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Hi Lisa,

You sound as though you have quite a bit of experience in the "orginal" virtual assistants world, so I look forward to seeing you on some of the other forum posts about starting and maintaining your business. I'm sure you have a lot of useful information you can contribute there.

As far as working with your spouse... and this goes for anyone... first of all if you're doing it and it's working great, then I applaud you. Many times it may add friction because you're always working and seeing one another 24hrs a day. If you remember to leave the "office" in the "office" at the "end of your work day", then you guys will be fine. And, if you both have different talents and strengths to pull from, then your business will thrive -- two heads is better than one.

Good luck to you both, and WELCOME!