Hello from Snowy Wisconsin!!


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I am a newbie to the VA world. I am trying to get my business off the ground as a VA Bookkeeper. Any suggestions or comments will help!!
Also, if you need any advise on bookkeeping, please ask me!

Karen :seeya:
Hi Karen and Welcome to the forum

This definitely a great place to be, to get your business up and running. I don't have much for you regarding Bookkeeping other than this link which I'm sure you've visited. There's some wonderful Bookkeeper's on here and I'm sure they will have more info for you. I just thought I would say howdy.

I look forward to hearing more about you and your business

Glad your here.. :welcome:


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Hi Karen, welcome to the community :)
We have a fairly new and as yet, small section for VA Bookkeepers so be sure to pop in there when you have a chance. Otherwise, the rest of the forum sections should help you in getting started, no matter which niche you plan to specialize in.

Wishing you luck in achieving your business goals! :)
Welcome! It is chilly here in Wisconsin. You will find a ton of useful information that will help you with your business here and you will meet some great people along the way.


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Welcome to the virtual assistant world--there are a lot of seasoned VA's who will be able to provide you with lots of insight in establishing your business. I wish you the best of success in your VA business!


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Welcome to the Virtual Assistant Forum. There is lots of information you will find valuable as you build your business. I've been told that it's better to be a business owner than an employee, you have more freedom and the sky is the limit. I wish you the best in your new career endeavor.