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My name is Deborah and I recently started my VA business. I've always either worked from an office for others, or had my own business. I've worked as an admin, HR assistant, purchaser, even the dreaded telemarketer. I owned my own business as a professional organizer and then opened an in home daycare for children from birth to 5 years. I also home schooled my children and volunteered in our local church.

My husband, Aaron, and I married in 2000 and he helped me raise 4 children. We are now empty nesters with 7 grandkids. This past year we decided to make our dreams happen sooner rather than latter. Instead of waiting to retire to live in an RV full time and travel, we decided to take a leap of faith and start now! We started in our home state of TX and have worked our way to NC. At only 45 (and he at 39) we still need to have a steady income. For now, we are staying put in NC so he can work a full time job while I build my VA career. Hopefully in a couple years we will be debt free and well on our way to making travel easier.

I look forward to meeting other VAs and learning as much as I can. Thanks for allowing me in the group. :seeya:


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Welcome to the forums, Deborah!

You have made a great choice in surrounding yourself by such supportive individuals! :)

Do you have a particular niche or are you a generalist?


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Thanks for the warm welcome! I've already learned a lot on this forum and it's really helping me figure out the specifics for my business. For right now, just a generalist. Still trying to figure out my niche. :)


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Hi Deborah, welcome to the community!

I love your story about wanting and choosing to be retired and mobile - that is just awesome! There are numerous VAs on the forums who have taken on this lifestyle in one way or another and quite a few of them are RV VAs :)

I'll look forward to learning more about you and your business goals - see you on the boards!


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Thanks for the welcome! I've been busy as a bee getting my website & social media sties set up. I've even done my first few guest blogs. Pretty exciting. Things can only get better! :)