So I got my first interview on oDesk and one of interview questions asked what program I will be using for taking phone calls. Are there are cheap or free phone call services that I could use.

I think what I'm trying to ask is if there is any "call center like" software programs that is possibly out there for me to use?



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Skype is great - the phones are cool because you can use them even when your computer is offline, so your calls for Skype will ring to the handheld Skype phone.
We were actually going to go this route ONLY and not have a regular landline at all, but in this area they sell landline bundled with the internet connection (drives me crazy!! but oh well :) Anyway, Skype is so great.

There is a new extension for Skype called Pamela that records your calls for you too, if you need - it's like $20 for unlimited lifetime recording, kind of cool :)