Hi From a Newbie

Hi everyone! My name is Amy and I am in the process of starting RealAdvantage VA. I'm in the very beginning stages, so I do not have a website yet, but am working on it! I do have 1 non-paying client though ;)

I'm so glad to be a member here! It looks like a wonderful support network with tons of useful information.

Can't wait to learn from everyone here!



Staff member
Hi and welcome Amy :)
You're in great company here, so don't be shy about joining the conversations in the forums.

I'm so curious though, about your 'non-paying' client... I hope you aren't already undervaluing your own services. It's one thing to offer a free consult, etc. but entirely another to give away your services.

Just don't sell yourself short.

See you on the boards!
Hi Tess,

Thanks for the welcome!

As for my non-paying client, it's a person who I began working for before I began my business and once they get some advertising revenue they will begin paying me. It began as something I enjoyed doing, however, if I end up with paying clients that take up that time, I will definitely be discussing that with my non-paying client and letting them know I can no longer do it for free.