Hi from California

I am new to the VA business. I focus on the legal virtual assistant area and am hoping to get to know some of you and learn from a lot. My website is www.legalserviceasap.com (think I'm allowed to post that - right?)

I am not sure where to go to ask for work online. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks - Rosanna. :confused:


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Welcome, Rosanna

That's a good question. I think a majority of the members here who are VAs (no matter which industry/niche they serve) will tell you that they probably do a lot of social marketing and responding to RFPs from certain places like the IVAA, when it comes to finding work online. But I've yet to come across many other resources that actually work for me.


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What Bobbi Jo said. I also do local networking on a weekly basis and 90% of my clients are local. And I network when I'm out and about, example: I was out at a bar/restaurant last night (outdoor place on the water, everyone very friendly) with a couple of friends and after chit chatting with a couple I gave the guy my card, he emailed me today.

I honestly never stop networking, I'm low key about it but keep my eyes open. Today my mom had a home inspection on a house she is looking to buy - handed out my card to the home inspector, and 2 RE agents.
Thanks Bobbi Jo and Susan - that's pretty much how I thought it worked. I made a flyer which I've had friends post at local colleges, libraries and so on. Also been handing out business cards at networking events. I do have two potential clients, people I worked with at law firms previously - so hopefully that will materialize. I like the fact that there are people here to talk to about these things. I'm not online as much as I would like to be, but will answer any posts. :)


Hi Rosanna, welcome! I am also just starting out. Networking, both face to face and online is my full time job at the moment :) Creating relationships on social media and forums takes time but I am focused on the long term results. I just started local networking with a business group I found on MeetUp. I think that will be beneficial in more ways than just the obvious. In addition to the hoped for referrals, I like the idea of sharing ideas and information with other business owners. Having a home-based business is somewhat isolating and it's nice to have that face to face time. Susan and Bobbi Jo have great information. This forum is so helpful!
Thanks for the support ladies, that's very helpful information. I found a great resource just yesterday and thought I would share. I rent a virtual office space (because I didn't want to use my home address). They host meet-and-greet events every month for their virtual tenants - and guess what - most of them are lawyers!! My account manager even said she's been asked for referrals and now can offer my information. I'm excited to do a little 15 minute pitch at the end of the month. Meantime, like Patricia, I'm totally dedicated to local networking. This is a great forum with people who really share their ideas - I love it. Thanks.