Hi from Florida!


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My name is Chelsea, and I live in sunny northwest Florida. I am just in the process of starting my own VA business, and could use ALL the help I can get. Me and my BF were actually planning on starting the business together. He has over 10 years of graphic design exprience, and I have years of experience in administrative and clerical work. I'm also a licensed insurance agent for the state of Florida. Any help on how we can tie all of this in and get a market would be great! This process is all so overwhelming..... :confusion:


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Welcome. I would start by defining a what services you want to offer and how you can reach your ideal client. Your boyfriend will need to do the same. After that you will then be able to figure out how to meld the two.


Have you done a business plan yet? That should help you answer some of your questions.

Best of luck to you both in starting your new business.


You are not the only one that feels this way. Starting a business is hard work and there is a lot that needs to be done. Take it one step at a time. Work on your business plan and figure out what you want to do. Remember, there are a lot of us here in case you have questions - or just need to vent. We have all been there. Good Luck!


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Welcome to VAF Chelsea! You'll love it here! Lots of great and helpful people around here. And please be sure to share whatever tips you have as well.
Once again, WELCOME!:)