Hi! New VA in SoCal


What a wonderful find this site is! It's so nice to see so many people willing to share their experiences with others. Excited to be starting a new phase of my life with my daughter in starting our VA service soon. I've been a non VA admin over 25 years and my daughter has been a website monitor/office support person virtually for 10+ years so I think our skills are a good mix for our future business. I am being laid off next month as our company decided to close our local office. It's a little scary not having that regular paycheck but am confident that we can be successful. I've learned so much already from the people here so wanted to stop lurking and start participating!


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Sorry to hear about the pending layoff, but it's great that you have such a positive attitude about your new future! That attitude goes a long way towards success in anything.

Best of luck!


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Patricia, it's great to have you here, welcome! VAF is a really amazing community in the ways you've mentioned - I hope you're finding what you need so far.

How's business? :)


Thanks for the welcome Tess. Business is in start up phase at the moment. We plan to go 'live' April 15th. I'm taking Michelle's class and it's really helping me save some time putting everything in place that we need.