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When COVID-19 affected not just the Philippines but also the whole world , many businesses were closing, which is the reason why a lot of people lost their jobs and some of them ended up pursuing freelancing.

But, what can a freelancer do in this pandemic and how can their freelancing career be uplifted?

Let me share with you some tips on leveraging your freelancing career.

1. Learn a new skill
Learning a new skill is the most productive thing that you need to do in this pandemic. You learn something new, while staying at home with your family. You can watch tutorial videos on YouTube and vlogs or you can enroll in any credible online courses available.

2. Update your online portfolios
Since you are staying at home and you have a lot of extra time, why not get busy in updating your portfolio. You need to update your portfolio because freelancing nowadays are portfolio-based and many of the clients are basing their hiring decision on your portfolio.

3. Be a blessing to your clients
Because of the pandemic virus, many companies are closing and your client’s business might close too. What you can do to help your client is by offering your client to lower your rate or offer a free service. Your client will appreciate that and the client will trust you more.

4. Get Organized
Take Advantage of this pandemic crisis by organizing things, this is the best time if you need something to finish or organize your stuff.

5. Make use of Lead Generation

If you lose a client during this pandemic crisis, don’t worry there are still clients out there waiting for your service. Even though a lot of businesses are shutting down, there are still businesses that are still operating online such as consultancy businesses, online services etc. So, optimize your social media accounts for the client to see and reach you.

Many are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, don’t worry there are still available jobs out there. Make use of your time and stay productive. And, if you have the capability to help the people in need , help them even if in the smallest gesture, because it matters to them a lot.

Get guidance from the Filipino Virtual Assistance, if you need one today, we are here to help you succeed.