How do I get started?


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Hi. I just signed up today and I have so many questions on how do I even get started? Can someone tell me where to begin? Thanks so much.


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Hi Brenda & welcome to the forum!

I can guarantee you one thing - whatever it is you're looking for you're sure to find it here! Seriously, where to begin depends on what stage of business you're at - perhaps you're just starting out and need some branding ideas, or maybe you're building your website and need hints & tips; or maybe you're a long established VA and are looking to rejuvenate your business...

Of course, if you have any questions that you'd like answered, just jump right in ;)


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Hi there, I really have no idea how to begin. Do I set up a website first, do I register my name somewhere. I am sorry, but I am so new to this but really interested in giving it a go. I guess basically, what do I have to do to even begin. Thanks for your help.


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Hi Brenda
Im new to this as well. I've done my website first as I feel its a easier way to let people know what I provide when it comes to promoting the business rather than lots of information on a flyer. I just give main headings on my flyers and then point towards my website


Hi Brenda and Welcome to the forum -

Try this link that should get you started in the right direction. I would also suggest taking the time to thoroughly read over all the different sections here.

Glad you found us!

I am also new to the virtual assitant industry though I've been an admin for over 15 years. I appreciate you adding the link for information on getting started, but for some reason I'm getting "page not available". Can you please try adding it again? Thanks a bunch!


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I was (am) going to say that the getting started checklist is the best place to begin. I use it and pull it out all the time, checking things off as I go.

Good luck!



So... it says I have to have posted 25 posts to view that checklist... I don't have time to post 25 posts.... *sigh*

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Hi Tracy -

Getting through 25 posts is not hard at all and it won't take alot of time - but meantime here's some things that I've learned from both this forum and the fact that this is my 2nd time around and I learned some things the first time.

The very first thing is you have to create a business plan. Even if you don't fill in everything, use it as a guide to help you think through how you are going to operate. The best place to go to for things like this is your Small Business Administration (I'm assuming you are in the U.S.?) Just type in SBA in your web browser.

The main thing that you need to think about initially is a name for your business and deciding on a business structure. i.e. Sole Proprietor, LLC, Corporation, etc.

You also need to think about a niche market. While you can expand your offerings as you go - every single business startup counselor that I've ever heard from says this is important so you can stay focused.

Then think about if you want a website. There are tons of very inexpensive sites where you can find ready made templates that you just fill in the blanks.

Plan on the fact that it could take you a good month or two at least to get ready to launch.

I hope that at least gets you started until you can get around to doing 25 posts. Just say hello to new folks as they join - and then go to the various forums to ask questions.



Hi Brenda

I'm a new VA in Perth, Western Australia and I was so enthusiastic when I first decided to start my business then I found out what was involved - it was enough to stop me in my tracks. I have read heaps and written heaps but still don't have my 'elevator speech' or 'blurb' done and my web designer is waiting on my input. The thing that keeps me going is a) the incredible support offered by forums like this b) my desire to succeed come what may. I have the confidence and belief in what I am doing and have been taking it one step at a time.

The best advice I can pass on is to be patient. Once I found out what I needed to do I wanted everything in the one day..... just not possible. I now ensure that I achieve a guaranteed one thing each day to keep my motivation up and my dream alive.

Good luck and remember, enjoy your business!


Hi Brenda

Something untoward happened to my last post, so here tis again.

I am a new VA in Perth Western Australia (great place :sunny:) and I too was in awe of where to start. Thanks to great forums like this and the amount of wonderful VAs who are only too happy to share their knowledge, anything is possible.

I read, took notes and printed everything that seemed relevant to what I wanted to do and I sort through it weekly as each week something new grabs my eye and away I go again.

My best advise is that even if you feel like you're drowning in a sea of information, do at least one thing every day to keep your business momentum and too keep the dream alive.

Good luck