Question How many pages is your agreement? What is too long?


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Right now my agreement is 7 pages...and I'm thinking that is too long. I'm concerned that it may look like I'm trying to hide something in "small print" (though nothing is hidden or smaller...but people might see too much as overload).

How many pages is your agreement for your clients? Is 7 pages excessive?

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My agreement is only 3 -4 pages. I wouldn't say yours is excessive, but I wonder what it says to fill up 7 pages.

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I have a one-page agreement that also includes a confidentiality paragraph, and a one-page information sheet. The agreement mentions that the information sheet is part of the agreement. (And it's in 10 point font to keep it on one page!) I just think the simpler the better, as long as everything you want covered is covered.


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Patrick, I think you're working from the retainer agreement that's included in the New Client Welcome Packet from Virtual Assistant Forums, yes?

That is the longest document that's offered through this site and was intentionally left long (including every possible clause, etc.) to give service providers an idea of what they may want to include.

I don't think I would send a client a 7 page contract :) and would recommend looking for ways to edit the document so that it suits your own business policies, style, etc.

Worst-case scenario, all of those clauses do come in handy, but you definitely don't have to use ALL of them.

There are shorter contracts and different contract types that come with the Become a Virtual Assistant eBook (or the VA Contracts Pack which is the chapter on contracts from the eBook and a selection of sample contracts).

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Mine is only 2 pages long. I did 4 hours worth of work for a new lawyer and he reviewed & tweaked my Work for Hire Agreement.


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I did edit the document and change a lot, but I think I will reduce it down. I'd be happy with 3 or 4 pages. :)


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Is 7 pages too long? I think it partly depends on your niche. There may be an area that has many details, or many potential areas of dispute, etc. I work with lawyers - so I wanted to very careful with mine. Mine is 3-4 pages (it depends a little)...but I made sure that it contains all the pertinent details to protect me. The length may be less important than ensuring that you include all the important sections for your VA business.


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Mine is just 2 pages long (reeeeally small letters to fit in a couple of pages all that I need to be clarified. Haven't used it yet, but I managed to complete it last week :)
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Ours is 3 pages- we have not had a client complain yet. We also send it through echosign or docusign. This makes the process easier for them to sign- and since it is send as a package- they can not say they did not see a page.


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My contract is 2 pages and it covers all the basics and a few extras. With a contract that's 7 pages, it may overwhelm clients. :)


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I've just finished mine and it's 3 pages long. That includes a confidentiality clause and a copyright section. I'm getting it checked by a solicitor so it may increase slightly, but I can't imagine it going over 4 pages.


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I previously had a long contract (6 pages), but I have condensed it down to a one page agreement (in small print). Clients were always reluctant to sign the longer agreement, but do not seem to have an issue with the shorter 1 page agreement.

I briefly address all the major issues in the shorter agreement. It seems to work well.

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My agreement has 6 pages and is sent to a client after the proposal is accepted. The proposal is treated as Exhibit A. I am thinking about consolidating the two documents into one to make it easier on the client. Anyhow, I'd highly recommend you have a business attorney read it to assure the details are compatible with your regional laws...

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It really depends on you and your business, I think. Mine right now is 3 pages, yet I haven't opened my business yet so it may become longer.

Because an agreement is the document that will help to protect you and your client in court, as your business grows you want to cover all the basics so both parties understand what is to be expected. IF there's ever a time when a court has to be involved, this written document will help more than oral agreement. To a judge, the "he said/she said" is just that, there's no written proof. With an agreement, you cover the "he said/she said" and both parties have agreed with their signatures.

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Mine is only two pages and is written more in a friendly tone vs. a legal tone. I trust the inherent good of people and I tend to listen to my gut so I doubt I'll ever end up in court.