How should I bill for subcontract work?


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I'm trying to figure out how to bill/invoice for work that I do for a fellow VA. I traditionally bill my clients in 15 minute increments, with a minimum of one hour, should I do the same for a VA that I'm subcontracting for? Or should this be an exception...?


A fellow VA will still be your client, so bill accordingly. And make sure you have a contract so everyone knows what is expected of you and the other VA.


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Remember the other VAs are also your clients. So yes do what you normally do. One thing I do is offer a discount rate for other service providers when I subcontract.

Cathryn Jones

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I would also encourage you to have a subcontractor agreement with the other VA. Just like you have with your clients, a subcontractor agreement between two VAs is also a good idea. It clarifies confidentiality, billing, rates, etc....very similar to your agreement that you have with your clients.

Just my two cents. :)