Podcast How to Start a Part-Time Virtual Assistant Business, with Lee Drozak - Side Hustle Nation


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Thanks Minalani. It was fun talking to Nick. He took the interview to a different level that I got my story out there.


I loved the interview! You are full of knowledge. It has motivated me to keep pushing so I can be where you are in a few years, RV and all! A big reason for me getting into this business is the opportunity to travel and still work from wherever I am. I resent being required to leave my family and spend 10 hours a day in a factory.
Congrats on your success!


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Thanks Lee, definitely a lot of valuable takeaways in the interview -- not just for current and aspiring VAs, but really for any service business. It was a lot of fun and congratulations on your success!



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This is great. I enjoy hearing how successful VA's got started. Lee, you are an inspiration. I will be looking forward to more episodes from Side Hustle Nation.

VA Karen

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Thank you, Lee, I loved the interview. It helped me to re-affirm my list of must do's when I first open my doors, like networking, networking, networking. Actually, I've already started the networking on my personal facebook (haven't set one up for my business yet) by explaining to my friends and family about starting a new business, explaining the services I will provide, and asking that they refer anyone who may need my assistance or if they need my assistance too.


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Thank you to Nick and Lee. This was truly helpful and full of details I wasn't expecting. It is nice (and still surprising to me) to see how many people are willing to share on this forum.



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Thanks everyone!

Nick was truly wonderful and asked the "hard" questions so that other can see what is (or is not) possible. It was a great chat as you can tell.

To the others - I am glad that you all got a take away from the conversation. Anything is possible and sometimes not easy. Stick with it and you will be successful in your own right. It did not happen for me overnight so don't give up! I am always here on the forum for you.