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Hi all! Just wanted to share this with you guys for the ones who do a lot of printing for whatever reason. We just got a new printer and are signing up for the HP Instant Ink program which sends you out ink when you need it, so no more running to the store to replace!

Based on the site info it states, 'With our HP Instant Ink replacement service, you select your plan and we take care of the rest. You’ll never run out of ink and printing will cost a lot less.

- Ink, shipping, and cartridge recycling are included.
- Monthly plans are based on pages printed, not cartridges used.
- No annual fee—Change or cancel plans online anytime.'

I know we're all remote/virtual but I like to have hard copies of all docs and guides. Personally it's easier for me to edit, proofread this way. So I think this is a great idea. We're going to set up the new printer today and I'll let you know how it goes, as I've got a 200+ page printing project to get done! It's not for my business as I haven't launched yet, but just printing out resources so I can comb thru them thoroughly.

Here's the link for more info if you'd like...https://instantink.hpconnected.com/us/en?jumpid=va_65bsqvipye


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I just got this also, it is incredible!!!
Ink arrives automatically I am on 2nd month, pay $9.99/month



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That is a really interesting idea. I don't print much, but when I do, I want it to look nice. Having said this, I'm not sure if I am going to be doing any print media to promote my business, but if I do, I might print them in-house.

Alas, I got an Epson.


I LOVE HP Instant Ink! Yes, the monthly fee pays for the ink. I'm on the $2.99 / month program and am limited to 50 copies per month (but it rolls over!)

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I purchased a new HP printer recently and have a free 3-month trial of HP Instant Ink. At first, it sounded like a great deal. No running to the store or having to reorder when you needed ink right away. However, in practice, I'm not liking it.

It's really hard to estimate how much printing I do/will need in any given month. There are times when I may only print 100 pages a month (that's the initial plan I set up for). But there are other months when I need to print a lot more (when you work in the legal field, not everything can be digital and there are just some times you have to print, very often A LOT). However, you get charged $X amount when you go over. Like, I am over my monthly page limit now and just received a message from HP Instant Link letting me know that while I was on a free trial, I could only go over my page limits up to a certain amount at which time I would be charged.

So this is not at all convenient. And while they "say" that the cartridges you get with this program have more ink and you'll save more money, I'm not seeing that play out. I don't need the annoyance/headache of having to be careful about the number of pages I print. I don't want to be bothered. It's a lot easier to simply order the ink when I actually need it (which the printer tells you when you're low) so I always have it ready. Plus, ordering online you can often get it if not overnight, within a day or two.

Time will tell a bit more, but so far, I'm don't think this is that great of a deal, at least for those who have need to print a lot of paper on a regular basis. They say it will save money, but at the regular monthly rate and any overages, I'd be paying more with HP Instant Ink in a year than I would if I purchased ink myself when I need it.