I’m About To Burn Out In Freelancing What Should I Do?


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Freelancing gives you flexibility to work from anywhere, you can choose your schedule and at the same time, you can also choose the type of job you want to work on. However, on the other side of story, there are times wherein you feel exhausted and unsatisfied.

To avoid quitting, here are tips to help lessen your stress.

1.) Don’t Lose Hope

There are times when you lose hope in freelancing because things are not going the way you want them to be. “You can never quit, Winners never quit, and a quitter never wins,” this

is the famous quote from Ted Turner. It simply means that for you to be able to reach success, quitting is not part of your options. If you feel tired, relax and take a break, remember that your current situation is not forever, eventually it’ll change sooner, and who knows? Maybe the challenge is just preparing you for a better opportunity.

2.) Take Care of Yourself

Your health is your main capital of freelancing therefore, taking care of yourself should be your priority. And, if you are not taking care of yourself, you are going to burn out. When you experience tiredness, relax and rest for you to recharge, and gain more energy so that your mind and body will regenerate again. You can pamper yourself by going to the spa or salon, as you still feel overwhelmed with work from time to time. Just take a break for a moment and if you are fully equipped you can go back to work again.

3.) Split Your Projects And Do it one at a time

One of your goals in freelancing is to have financial freedom and so you never missed an opportunity. Having multiple projects is not bad, however, if it harms your health as well as your productivity, it is not good. Multitasking is one of the best options to maintain productivity, effectiveness and efficiency even if you have multiple projects. However, if you cannot multitask, learn to split your projects and do it one at a time.

4.) Say “No” If You Couldn’t

Some freelancers tend to be greedy, even though they have a lot of tasks that are pending. They keep accepting more projects even though they cannot handle it anymore. Doing this is not healthy for you, it will lead you to burn out yourself, and in the end, and you will not be able to finish your work on time with great quality. Learn to say “no” when you cannot handle it because if you keep on accepting projects, this will ruin your freelancing career and there’s a big possibility that your client will not get back to work with you.

5.) Take Some Exercise

Eating healthy and exercising makes your body and mind always on the go. Keeping your

Mind and body health also protect you from burning out. But, if you are already burning out, what you will do is to include exercise in your daily routine. That way you will be distressed and your energy level will increase which will make you more productive at work.


We hope this article helps you especially if you feel burning out. That feeling is inevitable, especially that we have goals and sometimes we lose patience and we want to be successful right away. Always remember that even if you feel burning out in your freelancing career, don’t give up. Take some rest and when you’re energized, come back and finish what you have started.