I think I may have it figured out..


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Business name we came up with today. After a search, it seems that we have something that is unique to us and I love. ;)

My personal niche was the hard one. I was at a meeting for my insurance job today, and we were talking about paperwork. In my industry, paperwork will eat you alive! Everything must be documented. Enter a licensed insurance VA!

Agents who have been in the business 5 years or so are generally making enough to pay an assistant to do their paperwork, etc. I could do this from home for them! Since I know what's required, etc. that helps a ton. And it's a few hours a week job, not a 40 hour a week pay a full time help job. What's everyone think? :confusion:
Haha, no reason for confusion. Sounds like you are on the right track seriously! You've taken something you can excel at and are running with it! You have potential clients and industry knowledge. What could be better?


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This sounds great! And right up your alley by the looks of it. If you know the industry, the ins and outs required, who better to hire to manage the paperwork than you?!
You have niche and that must feel so awesome!
All the best :)


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Congrats on figuring out a business name and finding your niche! I think the business names are the hardest.

Going with your strengths is important and you nailed it with an industry you already know and work you enjoy doing. :)

Rhoda F

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Congratulations on figuring out your niche :) as for me I am still in limbo trying to figure out what I love doing..business name will follow once I figured it out.