I thinkI've found my niche

OK, I've been wracking my brain for weeks now trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up (as a VA). I have experience in quite a bit of areas but most of these things, everyone is doing. I hate competition! Anyway, in my day job I'm also the hospital's HIPAA Compliance Officer so I'm thinking this just might be a good niche for me. Physician offices maintain privacy and security of patient information but don't have the time to write the policies, create the forms, train staff, and keep up on all the changing regulations and this can be done virtually so.......this just might work.

What do you all think?

Hi Jenny,

I think it is a great idea and there may not be too many VA's specializing in that area - good market! I think you should go for it!

I too don't know what I want to be "when I grow up"! I have a real estate license and have been an executive assistant to the CEO/office manager for almost 15 years so I'm trying to figure out how to fit that all into my VA business! I'm still researching but am almost there!! :)

Good luck to you!



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I'd consider trying to contact RE agents in your area. Perhaps Appraiser, too.

I did lots of work for an appraiser last year, starting assignments, pulling possible comps, creating brochures, calling about past due invoices, and completing drawing based on his sketches.

For realtors, I've created flyers, entered info into the MLS, completed brochures, assisted with open houses, started market research, helped with marketing, etc.

For both, I helped with billing, invoices, taxes, and completing yearly E&O insurance applications.

Good luck and have fun, even in these "interesting" economic times!



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Way to take advantage of your experience. I recently met a nurse who has a virtual business where she researches and supports attorneys in medical legal cases by providing them with the medical information to support their case.

Good Luck to you.
Thanks for the ideas Angie!

I'm thinking that is what I'd love to do but just have to get out there and find clients! Although I've had the license for 5 years, I don't have much experience. I'm taking a Top Producer class on Friday and it is at a realtor's office so maybe I'll make a connection there!

Happy Holidays to you!

Thanks for all the words of encouragement. Since this isn't a common niche, I was afraid those more experienced in the VA business might pooh-pooh the idea. But, I guess any niche that might generate success in this business is a good one.



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I think it's great to have found such a unique niche. It will allow you to market very specifically and I think that's very important in this industry. Too often people ask what we do and we say everything. Then they back off because they don't know what we can actually do for them. Way to go!

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Very important point you make, Sue. Like doctors, we do best in the VA world to specialize. You can be a generalist if you already have the client for it, but if you're looking for clients, I think it's easier to have a specialty.
Would love to hear more about how it goes working with the medical profession. I'm not personally going in that direction, but am curious about how VAs are received there. Seems like we're needed!
The medical profession has been outsourcing for years, they just don't call the people they outsource to VAs. They are transcriptionists, billers, coders, etc. I was surprised at how much of this work is done at home via a computer. The home office requirements are stringent and security and confidentiality is tight because of the patient information but lots are making a very good living doing these jobs.



Congratulations! From my friends in the medical managment field - HIPPA compliance is a necessary evil and a profitable niche.

If I were you - I would casually shop myself around local contracting offices in hospitals so they can (possibly) put you and your credentials on file.
Great idea. And yes, HIPAA compliance is definately a necessary evil. I've been in charge of compliance from day one so I feel I can turn this into a very profitable niche. I'm already looking towards the future and thinking of expanding to include privacy and security compliance for other businesses.