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Hello Everyone,

I have no experience of being a virtual assistant or any office job. I dont know to to start as a VA to earn good money. Can anyone help and guide me?.

Thank You Very Much


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We are just finding up a couple of PDF's that I think will really help you get started.

Should be done in the next two weeks.

If you are new to this. You must start with getting to know yourself first; what you are good at, and what services you can provide to your potential client. Your branding comes first above any other. You can also take classes regarding the skills on what you can offer to your potential clients in the future.


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Hi Chael,

I'm a newbie as well. The first thing I learned is that I have to know my skill and if that's what I really want to do. After you have identified that, you may start by watching youtube videos, there is a lot to learn from there. But if you have a budget, and you really want to pursue it, try enrolling in paid training just like what I did. BVC Virtual Assistance Service


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Hi, I am also new in the industry =)
It'll be easier for you to know your interest and skills as they have also mentioned. I believe, those are key essentials to pursue being a virtual assistant or a freelancer. There are lots of niches and available jobs that can be offered to you but you'll find more comfortability in accepting job offers when you are confident because that's innate in you already. You can enhance your skills and explore other interests if you want by enrolling in classes, attending seminars/webinars, and also, checking out forums like this. As for me, I am currently applying what I am learning like site optimization.Online Accomplice