Question IPhone or Android?


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As business owners, we are on the go all the time. (I know I am). I depend on my phone a lot and I am always looking for helpful apps that will aid me in my business. I recently got a new Droid Razr M and would like to know is you could recommend some helpful business apps. So, if you have found a great app that helps you in your business, please share! Thanks!:)

Evelyn Fuertes

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I like using my iphone & ipad, however, the apps I have downloaded are probably all available for android too. I think whichever you decide as long as it's a smartphone can work well on the road.


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I have an android now, just upgraded from an iphone a few months ago. I am loving the flexibility of the android - being able to use the apps I want, email programs I want. Biggest selling point is being able to plug it into my computer and access it just like I would a computer. No more messing with itunes.


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If you have wifi you don't have to plug your iphone in ever. I don't think I've had mine plugged into iTunes for at least a year. My phone and iPad have all my contacts, calendar, pdf's, saved websites, etc all done by wifi and iCloud. I'm not trying to convince anyone to get or go back to iPhone BTW. But just incase someone is doing that with their iPhone... you don't have too.


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Here are my go to apps:
banking apps (business bank, PayPal, PayPal Here and Harvest for invoicing)
social media (Facebook, FB Page Manager, Twitter, LI)
utilities (Smart Action, Advanced Task Killer, Battery Widget)
connections (mobile hotspot, skype)
internet/cloud (LastPass, Evernote and Dropbox)

and lets not forget my flashlight app

I do not use my phone as much as my tablet or laptop but I have found these apps to be perfect for my business on the go.


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I am definitley an iPhone fan, It is super easy to use. I don't go anywhere without it. I don't know what I would do without that phone. It is so advanced and haveing all of my personal and business tools at my fingertips at all times is such a great convenience.


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Me too, I grew up in the pre cell phone era. My daughter who is now 21 calls her iPhone her electronic leash. She has said to me more then once: "you were so lucky growing up that Granny had no idea where you were all the time and couldn't reach you at all." Of course at her age I'm not doing any tracking but we have a rule that if I send her a happy face she needs to send one back ASAP so I know she is still kickin!

Like you Stacy, if I leave home without my iPhone I'm freaked out. But I'm in the cult of Mac, I love all my Apple products.


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I can't live without Evernote. It's so easy to search.
I have an android but am hoping to upgrade my s3 to the galaxy note. It just looks easier to manage tasks on


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For anyone with an Android, Freshbooks just released their Android app so now you can track your time directly from your phone!


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I have an iPhone and mainly use the Paypal and Genius Scan apps. I prefer to use my laptop for most of my work. Genius Scan is helpful when my scanner is having issues.

VA Karen

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I have neither at the moment. Seriously thinking of going with Android though when my business gets further along, I've heard too many negative things about iPhone from family members and friends.


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I prefer iphones over Android, but I have neither right now. I just bought a Windows 8 phone and I love it, even though it doesn't have Vine or Instagram.

Brett R

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I love my iPhone. I'm lost with out it. I have it synced to my ipad and desktop computer through Outlook.
Apps that I use:
Team Viewer 7
Business card scanner
Word Press
Google Drive


love my iPhone and iPad - I use the evernote app, 1password, freshbooks

and thanks to Cloud9Assist I just found the genius scan app!


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I like iPhones than Androids.
I work from home so I would always want to have my phone updated from all apps I used daily - I use Evernote too :) and Time Doctor for time tracking.