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Here's my site created with Windows Live...if you are just starting out and trying to save some money it's FREE and very easy to use


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I use web.officelive also. I really like it. Your site looks good. I think they provide good sites and they are good for starting out.


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Hey NeKola,

Cool name and nice site! Crisp and streamlined. Exactly how many busy clients like to see them.

I have a couple of suggestions for you that I hope will help:

- If possible, get a domain name (like so it's easy for prospective clients to remember. You can register a domain for $10 at

- Speak about the benefits to your clients in working with you. For example, "Get that clutter taken care of for you so you can concentrate on what matters to you and your business." "...freeing you up for the all-important revenue generating activities of your business." People always want to know "What's in it for me?" Give them a compelling reason to contact you to learn more about you and your services.

- If I can broach such a delicate subject... I personally feel your rates are too low. $20 an hour will often not cover your time, and the expenses of owning and running a business.

I hope that helps NeKola! Wishing you bunches of success in your new pursuit. =)


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Hi NeKola,
It is a very clean site and 'easy on the eyes' which is always a plus.
I agree with PamIvey about registering a domain name that is simpler for all to remember.
Picked up a small typo on your 'About Me' page: I am currently persuing my degree in Business Management....
That should be pursuing : )
Best wishes for the success of Virtually Yours DC!
Congratulations on building your site. What an awesome feeling.

On the home page I think it should read like this "and enable business people (to) find the success they originally set out to achieve."

On the services page I agree with Pam that you need to show the benefits to the clients.

On the Rates page, I also have to agree with Pam that you are charging much too low.

You did awesome for a free site.

If I can broach such a delicate subject... I personally feel your rates are too low. $20 an hour will often not cover your time, and the expenses of owning and running a business.=)
Thank you all so much for the feedback. I battled with my rates for a long time. I bumped it up to $30!!

As for an easier domain name, I'm working on that. Have to take care of all of my college expenses first!

You all are the best.


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I would suggest that you use a domain as was discussed here. The annual fee will pay for itself in just one client who types in your keywords to find you. I'm afraid no one will remember the office live url easily.

Not to discourage you at all but I speak from experience having used Office Live when I first opened my biz a few years ago.

There are two problems I found with was that the SEO in the searches was low in part because the sites are designed with templates which are difficult for the search engines to generate.

Another problem I had was when the time came to open up a website that would be suitable for customizing with keywords and proper tags, along with the ability to customize it to my taste, none of the information is transferable to a host site. I had to redo the entire new site from scratch.

I understand the expenses of just starting out can be difficult. It costs about $7 a month to host your own website, about $10 to buy a domain and the time to use a free WP template to get a customized, SEO-ready site for your new customers.

Food for thought for the future.


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I second the advice you have been given so far. Very attractive sight. Good choice of career to support. Way to go on the rates!

I did find one small type: on month to month contract, you have month to moth.



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Loved your site. There is a small typo on the rates page where you talk about charging for "outstanging" invoices...should be outstanding.

Good luck!