It's still pretty basic, but your thoughts so far?

I think it looks really good. It is clean and crisp, I love the uncluttered look. Your content is well worded and concise. It is a fabulous beginning!

I am working to complete my website, making progress everyday. I am trying to incorporate brief explanations along with the listed services, someone told me this would be more engaging.

Congrats on your site!


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Nice crisp and clean layout however your above the fold image is HUGE. You are waiting valuable space here. Nothing entices me on your site to go any further or take any action.

I do like that you have a responsive theme. Kudos on that.


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Nice and clean, not clutter, but the huge picture space takes me away, trying to find the content and some color will be great .


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Have to agree with Lee, I like that the theme looks clean although everything is huge, the picture, fonts used & navigation bar. And yes, I am always interested with the content (blogs/articles), make sure to always update it and you're good to go! :) Keep it up!


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Overall, it looks really good. However, I found this sentence a bit awkward:

By allowing VOA to handle on your administrative tasks and temporary projects, you are able to focus on serving your clientele. (ETA: this is on your home page).

Should the word 'on' be 'all'?

I like the name of your blog. It is appropriate and compelling. I look forward to reading your first post. Are you brainstorming some topics?