I've just joined~

tea thirty

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hi everyone

I am so glad I have found such a pro active forum helping people to find their way with work, guidance and support. First impressions after reading threads the last few days before I joined have shown me this is an active and well run little ship!

I hope to really learn and absorb as much as I can as I have my sights set on establishing myself in the VA industry.

from your fellow reader,

tea thirty

White Rose

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It's a great pleasure having you part of this VA community - welcome aboard! :)

I understand exactly how you felt as I was once a "new" member. It took me few good days of reading, reading and reading - absorbing so much great new information. But it's all well worth it and I'm sure it'll pay off greatly for you.



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Hi Jasmine, welcome :)
I appreciate your comments about the site - it's always nice to know people are finding it to be a useful and friendly resource!

I'm guessing you're not quite set up yet - have you started on your business planning or are you still just researching? Either way, we're happy to have you and look forward to offering support as you move forward. :)
Hi Jasmine,

Welcome to the forum. It seems like you have been reading the forums the past few days, anytime you have a question, please feel free and ask. I know I spent my first few weeks on here asking questions and the responses I received were great.

:welcome: aboard!


Hello Jasmine


I'm glad you think the way we do about our little community, although it's growing daily. WooHoo! :happydance:


My Office Zilla

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Hi Jasmine! Welcome to VAF! Your screen name just cracked me up. Is there a story behind "tea thirty"? Or is it the obviously only substituted for political correctness?

Make it a great day!


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Welcome Jasmine!

You are absolutely right, this is a very active and supportive forum. You'll love the information, support and feedback that the members will offer you as you develop your practice!

Be sure to grab you a cup of coffee and a notepad w/ pen as you read through the threads. Don't hesitate to start your own thread if you have a specific question!

See you around the forum!

tea thirty

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Thanks everyone for your active participation and genuine interest. Now to answer your questions...

I am still in initial planning/research stage but am working on my website and the content & design. I have bought a domain and decided on hosting but am also drafting my business plan inbetween this. I am still researching 'marketing' as I am not really a sales type person but need to learn a few tricks..

My current situation is fulltime SAHM with my 1yr old daughter, who is the joy of my life! (stay tunned for her cute pic when I add to my profile)

The story behind my name (for Sundi)
Its from a previous job where I become good friends with a pakistani workmate who would always come visit me at 3.30pm and then let me know it was 'tea thirty' (or in his accent that was how it sounded to me) in other words its time to come share a cuppa : )


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Hi Jasmine, welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will see this is a great group of associates who will lend a helping hand when they can. It's great to have such a supportive place to go and find information while trying to build your business.

I look forward to chatting with you more and watching your business grow.


Lora S

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Welcome aboard. I am also new and have found lots of information here. It is a community here we share and help each other.

Good luck!

Michelle H

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Hi Jasmine,

Found your intro. Welcome to the forum. Look forward to meeting you when we get the Melbourne meet up organised. In the meantime, good luck getting started with your business.


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Hi Jasmine and welcome. You are in such a fun stage that you'll look back in a few months when you're so busy wishing things would slow down a little. Good luck!!