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Hello VA's. Ok will a few weeks ago i mentioned that I will b attending a Job Fair. Well I requested a list of whom would be attending the Job Fair.
Well I got the email yesterday. So now where do I start, meaning which Employers should I approach and which ones should I leave a business card and Information so to speak that I have put together to let them what I offer and VA vises in house employee.
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Which ones match your target market or ideal client? Start with those. I would put together a tip sheet on working with a VA (instead of traditional employee) and what you offer. Keep it simple.

The ones you are really interested in working with, approach them and have a conversation. I would also try to schedule a follow-up one to one chat after the event.

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Take the time to review company websites and see where your services meet the needs of that company. If you are offering social media, check out their social media sites to see what it is that you can offer that firm.

Once you had determined which company members you want to meet, send them an email with your tip sheet that Lee suggests. Let them know you will look for them at the the job fair. Wear a badge that states your name, title and company name so people can identify you immediately as well as open up opportunities for others to inquire about your services.

Follow-up after the job fair and offer to set up a consultation with again reiterating what it is you can do for them.