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For not even being "legit" yet, I had my first opporunity to give this VA thing a go and had my first assignment. Producing a flyer for an upcoming event. I bombed (in my mind I did...haven't heard back from her yet). But its a good thing now to know I am so totally UN-artistic. haahaa. The adage on here being "do what you love" is true. I don't love doing artsy things. I'm better at accounting budgets and spreadsheets and general secretarial things...I so don't want to do flyers and brochures. I know what they SHOULD look like....I just don't have the talent nor the resources to actually produce them. Not to my satisfaction anyway. I think I'll just stick to number crunching and genealogy. Those things I'm good at. But I will say it was a good way to get my feet wet!

For you artsy folks....I will say...market yourselves to Mary Kay directors. They need this type of thing done. (Am I allowed to say that?)


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Hi Kelly,

It's been a day of lessons for the both of us. I turned-off a client by giving him too many updates on what I'd been doing for him. I thought doing the opposite would have the same effect!

It would be funny if your client says it's the best flyer they've ever seen, and you have a knack for it! :D


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Actually, you're not too far off. She just wrote back saying I was too hard on myself and it wasn't bad for someone's first attempt at a flyer. But still....it's not something I want to encourage clients to ask of me. haahaa


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I had the same situation when I was helping a a client make a yard sign for their business. I knew what I wanted it to look like, but somehow it just wasn't coming out how I thought it would. After a few tries, they ended up letting me know they were going to have a colleague "give it a try" lol. Needless to say, it was leaps and bounds better than my attempt. However I did have to make a flier later on down the road that worked out. :)


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I ended up sending her revised editions, but for some reason the pics I inserted in the page would come out looking just fine on my view, but on her end the photos were one on top of another or on another page. I know for the artsy folks its probably an easy fix...but for me, I have absolutely no idea how to fix it other than deleting some of the lines and mimizing the font size. Fourth edition went to her this morning and I've not heard back. Maybe no news is good news. Either or...I know flyers and brochures are not something I want to concentrate on.


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Word. I was hunting around in here for whatever program most of the other VA's used for flyers and I saw someone said Word has templates. So I looked, found one I felt I could manipulate....and ta da! We're up to version 5 with edits. I feel like that little kid in the Life Commercial. Hey Mikey! She likes it! Who knew?


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If you have MS Publisher try it next time. You have much more flexibility. If you don't have Publisher, try PowerPoint. Publisher is my go to, but if I had the choice only between Word and PowerPoint I would use PowerPoint. PP has more graphic abilities than Word.



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I agree with other posters, MS Publisher has great templates you can edit and make your own!

Practice helps, but it's nice to hear that your client though your first try wasn't too bad!


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I agree with you Julie. MS Publisher is great. For flyers, newsletters... it is flexible and PowerPoint is a lot easier then trying to create a flyer with Word.


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If you sending it as a Word Document, it could be a version problem or platform. I believe you can save Word Documents as PDFs by going to print and then save as in the window that pops up. PDFs should help against things moving when your client views it.


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You're totally allowed to say that! If for some reason you *must* make a flier/brochure/etc I like to use Canva. Here's something I made in literally 30 minutes. There are some limitations but they are very easy to do.

That said, if you don't enjoy it... better not do it at all! It's much more fun and easy to wow your clients when you are truly enjoying the work. I think it's awesome of you to not only admit that but to share the lesson.

I will confess that I learned over 2 years and a few months that I do not like working with real estate people or law people. Nothing personal about people in those industries but I just can't get excited about the work. I know there are tons of Vas who can serve those people much, much better. I would way rather impress that person by hooking them up with the right person to do the job. You know? It's interesting. I refer people out often and I find close business colleagues have begun to recognize me as their guide in 'all things VA'. I like it because it gives my business a kind of exposure and credibility I couldn't otherwise get. :)
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I like doing flyers in Photoshop itself and have found a couple of good Photoshop templates that I can modify. Doing it in Photoshop makes it a lot easier to change pictures and move things around if you know how to use layers.

I can usually do graphics stuff pretty well but I know there are people much better than me who can do it at a very professional level, so I only do graphic design as necessary. Also, I find that it can take longer than you expect to complete a project, to get everything looking good, so it is not always worth it financially.