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Linkedin or Facebook or both? I've seen lots of comments re FB on this Forum but not much said about Linkedin. I've always thought of FB as more of a keeping in touch with friends and putting photos on etc and Linkedin as more of a business resource. Am I completely wrong? I'd appreciate any comments :eek:ut:


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I agree. Linkedin is for professional connections and FB is for personal connections. That being said, I think that if you can market to the "person" then by all means go for it. There are a lot of FB pages popping up of a professional nature. I read an article a couple of weeks ago where businesses were actually giving up their web presence in favor of FB pages. Once I'm up and running I do think I will host a FB page.


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I agree also but FB you could do a page just for your business and add other business people on there as well. Just keep that page as an "only" business page and still have your personal FB page.


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Both, I use Linkedin for one purpose and FB for another. In addition to my personal page I have a business page where I share resources, articles and great business information. On LI, I use this to keep in contact with my current network and keep up to date with the groups I belong to.

There is no reason that you cannot use both for very different targets.
Both, as they can work hand in hand. Just yesterday I had an agent read an article that I had submitted Ezine Articles that I posted in the news section of one of my groups. She not only added me to her network on LinkedIn, but then went on to become a fan of my facebook page. I naturally began following her on Twitter. So, yes, both can be beneficial and work hand in hand together.


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Both Facebook and LinkedIn can be used for the same purpose of spreading word about business and services even though they function in different ways. i would suggest both.
I really think both are good as well. I get a lot of referrals from "friends" on Facebook. I notice that when companies consider hiring me...they look at my profile on Linkedin as well!


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I have both. My Facebook page is only for business (not personal). I created my page as a business and do not list any personal info on the FB page.

Actually for this type of business you need to be on most social networks and all the IM's. This is the best way to stay in contact with a variety of clients and attract new clients. (I am not a big fan of social networking, but I created the accounts out of necessity for my VA business.) Since I have so many accounts I use Digsby to monitor all my accounts.

Here are my account links:




Google Talk:

Skye User Name: vrsioffice

Windows Live / MSN User Name: [email protected]

AIM User Name: [email protected]

Yahoo User Name: vrsioffice or [email protected]

ICQ User Name: 626732125 or vrsioffice

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Hi Joanna,

It's just a matter of preference. No reason you can't do both if you like; no reason not to concentrate on just one if that works better for you.

I think the reason you see so much more about Facebook in the forums is that it's quite trendy right now, and it's something that is used for many purposes by many people of all ages, so it gets exposure on multiple fronts. LinkedIn is much more focused on professional networking only, so it doesn't have that same breadth of exposure, but it still is very useful and not going away any time soon.

My personal preference is LinkedIn, but that's all it is--a personal opinion. You may find you like Facebook better yourself. You have nothing to lose by trying both--each is free, each is somewhat customizable, each can be targeted to the audience of your choice, and each can be deleted later if you should decide you don't want to bother. :)


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Both are good. It is your decision. I have had success with both FB and LinkedIn. Your FB page can be used for business only.