Article LinkedInsights: 5 Exceedingly Clever LinkedIn Hacks


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Saw this this morning in one of the LinkedIn groups I belong to - just now finding a moment to share it here:

Whether you are a job-seeker, trying to use LinkedIn to drive sales or just someone who likes to see all the angles, the following techniques will come in very handy and put you ahead of the competition. Anyone can benefit and the only cost involved is the time it takes to read and implement these clever strategies.

5 Exceedingly Clever LinkedIn Hacks


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Super smart. I definitely want to go in and play around more with SEO on all my social profiles. Adding that to the to-do list.

Another good tip for Linkedin in terms of making an impression is adding video. It's actually super easy and most people never take advantage of this feature so it would REALLY help you stand out. Even if you aren't cool being infront of the camera you can create a slideshow that address common questions about what you do or a particular problem you can solve for your prospects.

Here's a quick video that shows you what to do in case that's something you want to implement


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Thank you so much Tess! Right now the only "social media" we use for promotion is LinkedIn (closed groups, etc.), so this will be super handy in extending our reach. Thank you!


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Ohh Im so glad this got bumped! very nice info thanks for sharing! Im planning to start making more use of LinkedIn and putting it to work for me, so this comes at a good time!