List of Priceless Subcontract Services


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Let's start a list of services other VAs and service providers would die to have in order to assist them in their day to day business activities. Really the small things are what become valueable. This is a good exercise so newbies know what they could start with.


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Re: Priceless Subcontract Services

Online File Sharing (Free): Dropbox

Time Tracking/Invoicing/Project Management/Collaboration: myIntervals

Accounting/Bookkeeping Program (free): FrontAccounting

VoIP / Efax: RingCentral

Calender Sharing (free): Google / Google Apps app

Calender Sharing (paid): OfficeCalendar

Multiple Outlook Calendar/Contacts/Tasks Syncing Program: gSyncit

Dynamic DNS Service: TZO

Payments / Invoicing: PayPal

Website Hosting:
1) Web Hosting Hub:
2) myHosting:

Online Meetings (long term free trial): Banckle Collaboration Suite

Webforms: JotForms

Telephone Conference (free):



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Re: Priceless Subcontract Services

This is a wonderful list. You are thinking of online services.

Let's think about what the subcontractor can do for another VA or service provider. A few example of services I subcontract out:

Web research
Email management
Online bookkeeping
Re: Priceless Subcontract Services


I've done these tasks as a subcontractor

- adding products to the wordpress site (product entry)
- Press release submission
- keyword reseaech
- Social Media submissions (blog posts)
- uploading blog posts to wordpress sites
- Researching blog posts
- admin tasks
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Re: Priceless Subcontract Services

These are my tasks as a subcontractor,

Write PLR's , use excel for data entry, drafted guidelines for article submission, write
articles and uploaded them,handled correspondence and I promoted travel packages.
I use team management software like Zoho and Teambox.
Drop box ( for file sharing) Skype , for communication.
I also started learning and I'm working towards a certificate is LexisNexis, Westlaw (Next)
and Electronic Case Filing ( here you would need a password from the court)
Re: Priceless Subcontract Services

Copy Typing
Data Entry
Phone answering

Basically every service that us VA's provide can be subcontracted to another VA.


My biggies are:

1. Being able to update WordPress (Adding & Formatting Blog Post, Add Images, Change Content on Pages)

2. Being able to make WordPress Theme customizations (Changing Font Colors & Sizes, Removing certain elements, etc.)

This is a lot of what I do and I may need help real soon (praying I do anyway) :)


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I would love to be hired/subcontracted out for:

* writing of all kinds; blogs, newsletters, ebooks
* research for topics
* scheduling
* handling any administrative projects.

Thank you.
*Handwritten Docs
*Meetings (Board, Networking, etc)
*One-on-one (over the phone/skype, etc.)
*Police Raids
*Phone Conversations
*Setting up sites
*Customization to themes
*Blog posting/scheduling
*Image Uploads
*Link Checking
*Keyword Research
*Sales Pages
Social Media Support
*Setting up accounts
*Posting to SM sites
*Monitoring SM accounts
*Interaction of SM accounts
Email Support
*Clean up/organize
Data Entry
*Online forms
Desktop Publishing
*Business Cards
*Post Cards
*Key Tags
*List management
*Creating Broadcasts (newsletters, etc.)
*Creating web forms
*Putting web forms on website

I'm sure there is much more...


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i'm good in doing the following:
Administrative & Executive tasks:
- Document Layout and formatting.
- PowerPoint Presentation Design.
- Data Entry.
- email management.
- typing.
- calendar management.
- create mind maps for projects, training, events & activities.
- simple non technical translation Arabic - English

Website Administration:
- Plan Website’s Layout.
- Website Planning and Analysis.
- Content updating (products, news...etc).

Blogs & Social Networks:
- Blogs & Forums Management (answering comments, posting and updating blogs...etc).
- Social Media Management.
- YouTube Channels Management.
i can do all of the above in both Arabic and English.

I use:
project / task / time management: wunderlist &
files sharing: dropbox & google drive.
communication: gmail, gtalk, skype, whatsapp and viber.


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Items I might subcontract out to another VA:
  • Blog Posts
  • Twitter & Facebook posts / maintenance
As a VA I am always so busy with my client's work an online presence I never seem to have time to keep my own company stuff up to date.



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Wow! This is a great list! Being a new VA looking primarily for sub-contracting work, this gives me a lot of excellent ideas. I thank you all for posting such great information throughout the forums.