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I have registered my DBA, filed for my EIN, obtained my domain name and still tweaking my website content. I would like a logo for both my website and business cards. Does anyone know a site in which I can try creating the logo myself either free for for a decent price?


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There are some really talented designers here, and hopefully one of them will pick up your thread.

Personally, I went with Logonerds (see add in right sidebar ofthis page).

It cost me $47.00 which I got 6 options to choose from and I ended up combining two to make my logo. Many people here recommend them. You need to have some idea of what direction you want your logo to take though. That goes for any designer you get I suppose.




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Another option is ETSY.com, search for premade logos or custom logos. I haven't used them but was looking through their premade logos and they were around $20 - $35. The custom logos were around $100.
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I am so glad that I came across this post, I have been wanting to re-do my logo. I just checked out ESTY.com and some of their premade logos look awesome and they seem fairly priced.

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Thanks for posting this. It's brought up some great ideas that I'll look into. I've been struggling with my logo too but maybe one of these can help. Good Luck with finding what you want.

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Hi! So I created my logo for free by using the free trial version of The Logo Creator, finding free icons online (which are royalty free of course), and using my wit! It really just depends on how elaborate you want this to be. Let me know if I can be of assistance!
Thanks for the info! I just downloaded the free trial of Logo Creator and am having fun with it! I just wish I were a little more creative:idea:



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I found some logo options that I want to use on Vistaprint with my business card design. I previously bough my logo from them; however this time they won't let me buy it. Maybe I can show it to etsy or logonerds and they can do a re-creation. This is excellent info.


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Hi, I'm probably a bit late in joining in on this thread, but 'Logomaker' is a good place to design a logo too.