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Hi again everyone!

I am putting the content on my website and my business name is Virtual Office Guru. I have been battling my brain for the past 3 days trying to think of a professional, yet sassy, yet different business logo. I've looked at different places online and I'm thinking about making one myself, but I don't have publisher or anything like that on my computer yet.

Does anyone have any ideas of a logo or a program that I could use to make a logo?

Also, after I make the logo, where do I find the codes from the made logo, to put on my website? I am happy I am learning the hard way because I can eventually learn these things and offer the services... but at the same time, I am pulling out my hair :yikes:.

Thank you! Lol.



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I'll pop back in with some info and links to threads about logo design - but as far as getting it on your site - it's going to be an image file so you just link to it the same way you do any other image:

<img src="http://www.yourwebsite.com/yourfiles/yourimage.gif" alt="WRITE AN SEO FRIENDLY PHRASE HERE" />

and if you want to link it up so that anyone who clicks it always goes back to your home page it's like this

<a href=http://www.yourwebsitehomepage.com><img src="http://www.yourwebsite.com/yourfiles/yourimage.gif" border="0" alt="AN SEO FRIENDLY ALT TAG" /></a>

You've got to enter - border="0" because if you don't add it, the "linked" image will have a colored border.


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OK - on to design stuff...

So, I use Photoshop, etc. - you *can* get free trials of almost all of Adobe's software, it's not as completley functional as the paid version, but it's enough to play around with! Just search for Photoshop free trial or go to the Adobe.com website to download them.

Otherwise, some of our members use a free program called Paint.net for easy logo creation.

I also recommend a program (very inexpensive) called The Logo Creator - it's a super simple program and has all kinds of pieces you can use to create a colorful logo with numerous fonts, etc.

Someone else may jump in with more info and ideas here, but hopefully that will get you started ;)

Check this section of the forums (Coding and Design) for a few conversations about logo design and design programs. There are also threads in there where you can get lots of great free fonts, backgrounds, and stock photos for your logo and your website.

Good luck!
Thanks Tess! It was like you were reading my mind about the fonts. I am trying to figure out how to change my fonts.

I've never done the website thing before and I'm not very website savvy yet. Thank you for helping me though, I really appreciate it!

Oh, and I got 2 interviews off of the sites that you referred me too, hopefully something will come of those and I won't have to get a second job. Thanks again!


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Hey that's great! :)

As to website fonts - there are only a limited number you can choose from for web display but if you want to make images for use on your site then you can choose any font you like.
For instance - the logo here on the forums - that lettering is all part of the image - otherwise no one else would be able to read it ;)

Check in the Resources section of the directory for some basic HTML tutorials to help you learn more about the fonts that you can use for general content on your site.

Can't wait to see it when it's ready!