Mac or PC or Both?

What kind of computer do you have

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I'm a PC girl! I love Apple products (have an Iphone and Ipad) but am most comfortable on a PC for my daily computer tasks.


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Currently use an imac, looking for a replacement and trying to decide whether to stay with apple or not. It would be hard to go back to PC, but they are so much cheaper and you can easily interchange parts and run Linux.


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Right now, I just have a Mac, but I'm considering getting a PC as well. I love the Mac and feel like it's more reliable and user friendly, but I'm afraid that I may run into some compatability issues along the way at some point.

Sue Reaume

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I understand VMware works well however with an iMac you can just run Bootcamp on your Mac, its a native application that comes with it. It will allow you to run your hard drive both with the Mac OS X and with whatever copy of Windows you put on it.

I don't have my iMac set up this way because once you put Windows on your PC (with Bootstrap or VMware you then have to get anti virus software because now the PC side of your Mac operates as a PC and is open to viruses and trojans blah blah. I didn't want anti virus software to slow my Mac down.

I took a bookkeeping course and they had all iMac's running Bootcamp with Windows 7 and Quicken for PC on the Macs. It was exactly like using a PC so I know it works perfectly.
I have to agree with the cons of splitting your Mac to have PC side...i did that and now I have to make sure that I am also protected on the PC side. Another food for thought's takes up a lot of your RAM to do this...I had to go out and get more RAM.


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I have been using a MAC ever since I started my VA business in 2005. I was on a little MacBook, which it wasn't called that then and the name is escaping me. But I've had an iMac since 2010 and I LOVE it, but I'm in love with all my MAC products. So, the helpful part...I've been using MAC the whole time and it's only been an issue once, and that was in the beginning of my business and has not been an issue since. I have Microsoft Office, I use Safari and Firefox and the MAC mail. Everything is moving to web-based so as long as you have a good Internet connection it's a breeze. I haven't been on PCs in so long I couldn't really comparing usability, but I remember starting with my MAC and figuring out they're just so easy to use and I rarely have any computer issues; actually the latest one was caused by Carbonite backup, so really, no issues!


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I have a macbook which I work off mostly. Although I love mac, I do much working from a PC from time to time. I want both just so I can help client. Not everyone uses a mac.


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I'm a PC gal. Used a friends Macbook once and didn't really like it, maybe just because I wasn't familiar with Mac and how things worked. I guess I just feel more comfortable on a PC because that's all I've known.


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My business partner and I have both. I love Windows, and she loves, loves, loves MAC. However, as we switch from one to the other, we are finding that it requires a shift in brain thought and function to remember that the functionality of each is different. We have discussed scaling back to Window's only because it is what we are both most familiar with.


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I've always been a "Mac girl." But I used to teach technology so have run both Mac and PC labs. Right now, I am working as an elearning developer (freelance) and some programs are only built for PCs. Luckily I'm able to use Bootcamp and Parallels and have the best of both worlds. Most of the programs I use (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc.) doesn't matter whether its a PC or Mac as the programs are almost identical now.

However, I prefer Keynote over PowerPoint and Pages over Microsoft Word. But I also have Mac versions of the programs.


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I have both. I'm an Mac person all the way around but needs a Windows PC for a job I was doing earlier this year. Literally all I use it for now is Office.


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PC's, specifically Windows 7. Windows 8 sucks. I do a bit of everything, including graphics on the main workstation.

I don't get why people think you can't do graphic design on a PC.


Disclaimer: I am not a graphic designer. :D


I use PC and I love Windows 7. I tried Windows 8 for a couple of months but it just wasn't giving me the "umph" I get from Windows 7. So I decided to stick with what works for me.


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I run a PC here, but a few months ago I was running a MAC.

Regardless of what people say there are things a MAC simply cannot do that easily (try extracting multiple compressed files on a MAC!), not to mention the fact that there are a lot more options with regards to software than on a MAC.

Its horses for courses and it really does depend on the situation you are in and what software your client wants you to use, however, knowing first hand what the limitations are with Mac's, it has to be PC for me just purely for compatibility reasons.