Male from Perth, Australia

Ben Jones

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Hi everyone!

So I am in the planning stages of wanting to become a V.A and operate my own business from home full time.

I would like to be available to do the school runs and work for myself as I am currently in a full time job for a large organisation that leaves me unsatisfied and bored.

I am 38 years old and have worked in the Administration field for the past 20 years.

Currently my wife and I are building a new house while raising twin boys (2yo) so we have quite a lot going on at the moment but am keen to at least get the ball rolling with this V.A thing slowly but surely and hope for a successful transition from full time employment to full time business operator.

I look forward to going through this forum for info and hope to share some wisdom down the track!

Thanks for reading!



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Hey Ben, welcome! So great to have you here :)
We have a *few* guys on the boards - and certainly our fair share of Australian VAs - so you're in especially good company.

You're definitely in the right place for information and support as you dive in to the startup phase of your business!

Here's to success and abundance for you in 2016 :)