Metallic epoxy floor problems

Just built a new home and have been living here for about 8 months now. I spent BIG BUCKS for a metallic epoxy floor and was told it WOULD NOT SCRATCH and would be as tough as it gets. Used a really reputable local company that has been in business for 20 years in this area. My problem, the top clear coat easily scratches with some things.
For example, 5-gallon gas can be full of gas, if you scoot it across the floor with your foot, the sharp plastic edges on the bottom left white scuff marks. Or, my big plastic trash cans, if there's any trash/weight in them and you scoot it across the floor a little bit, it easily leaves scratches in the clear coat.
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They already came back once, sanded down the clear coat, and reapplied it, but now it's doing the same thing again. They said they would come back and re-clear it every year if I wanted, but cleaning out my entire 5 car garage is very time-consuming and not fun when I have to get a storage unit to keep all of my cabinets and tool boxes outside for an entire weekend while it cures.

Has anyone else ever run into this?