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Hello World!

The infamous first post of a blog seems fitting as I introduce myself to you all. I've always found introductions interesting. I wrote a poem about it once because how can someone capture the essence of who you are in mere words, but in this industry and field therein lies the challenge because its almost mandatory to sell yourself with words, of course action to follow later.

I am currently in the development stage of building my company. I am daily embarking on a journey of research in the hopes that I have as many bases covered as possible. We all know research tends to be a doubled edged sword in that too much research can contribute to indecisiveness.

I am ecstatic to network with so many professionals within the industry and learn from your journeys and passions.

Hey, Cami! Aren't introductions hard?? I've always been a "behind the scenes" person myself, supporting those around me rather than out front. The marketing and sales parts will be the hardest for me!! But, I guess we're going to have to get used to it!

I'm interested to see where you are in your development stage - I keep wondering if I'm doing my planning differently than everyone else. Have you started to think about what your skills and passions are? That part was a bit easier for me - I'm going to get stuck on the actual "nuts and bolts" of the process - getting everything running and figuring out how to find work and clients. It's exciting to have someone else in the development stages with me. Let me know how things go for you over on your end!



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Hi Pamela!

I've been in the stage of research, educate, and absorb lately. I'm actually a good ways into my development but I just like to continue to review and revise. I want to make sure I have everything down before I put myself out there.

It is exciting to find another "newbie". The marketing isn't too bad once you have a focus on who and how you want to market. I think a great tool to have for marketing in general is a great 30 second elevator speech.

Have you decided on a niche or specialization?



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Hi Cami, welcome to the community, so great to have you here :)
Startup and development is such an exciting and fun time - I'm thrilled for you!
Congratulations on taking those first steps toward reaching your business goals.
Keep us posted on your progress, and I'll see you around the forums!