Mobile Hotspot Devices


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Out of sheer curiosity has anyone had any experiences with mobile hotspots devices that you can purchase from your cell phone provider? In my mind I like the idea of being able to take internet service with me to different locations and still be able to complete task for work. Just leery of how well they work versus the cost of the service.


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I use a mobile hotspot with my phone when traveling. I have found that the service is generally fine for what I need and speedy when in locations that have good connection resources (4G vs 3G).

You do have to watch though because data is not unlimited and if you are using to download or upload large files you can easily add up data and then get hit with a pretty big bill.

I use mine to connect when no WIFI is available. Because we go to different campgrounds and hotels there is generally WIFI that is available for use so I use their resources. For connections that I want to be secure, banking and client connections I jump over to the hotspot since I have control over who can connect.

I have been working this way for a couple years now so it is totally doable. Many of my clients know when I am traveling and have no problem what-so-ever. Win-win for both.


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Thanks. I appreciate the input and information. All things considered I may give it a try and see if it suits my needs.


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Hi Harmonee,

I have used my mobile hotspot for work and it does work great; but not too long ago, there was a problem here in NY with my 4G service. I called the mobile provider and they were able to troubleshoot the problem, but just keep that in mind. Now I just use my hotspot as a backup.


I have Verizon and the hotspot for me has a small GB amount for the money. I'm afraid I would go over it in no time.


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Depending on your Internet and/or cable provider, you may be able to access WiFi hotspots through their network. We have Comcast, and my husband just found that after logging into our account on his phone, he now automatically picks up Comcast WiFi hotspots wherever he goes. This should work on tablets and laptops, too. That may not eliminate the need to buy a hotspot for everyone, but thought it might be helpful! I know I'm going to have him set it up for my phone and try it on our laptop :)


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I have a Verizon Jetpack hotspot. It really comes in handy when traveling. My husband got it several years ago for his job (when he had to travel, he used it for internet access for demos at tradeshows). It has saved us many times when we are on the road.
This fall, I will be working at my family's pumpkin patch/Christmas tree lot...the hotspot is going to enable me to keep working remotely during the day when I am there.
The data usage has never been a problem for us, but it's easy enough to upgrade to a bigger plan temporarily if I need to. I am not 100% sure how much I'm going to need right now.


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I would recommending being very careful with hotspots, especially if you do not have a lot of knowledge about how data works. Most of the time, when you are traveling, you will have WiFi at your location. If you are using a hotspot as a backup (which is a good idea), you can usually just use your smart phone as a hotspot location instead of purchasing additional hardware or entering into new contracts.


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I have been considering purchasing one as a back-up measure. I was out of town a few weeks ago and the WiFi at our timeshare was horrid. It really slowed down my productivity, in instances like this it would be great to have the mobile hotspot as a backup. They are lots of prepaid options these days so there's no need to enter into a long term contract, most of the big mobile carriers have prepaid options, you just have to purchase the hotspot outright, which I would be comfortable doing.