Most requested tasks for REVAs?

I have been a legal assistant for several years and I am starting my VA business right now. I will have a couple of solo practicing attorneys as my first clients, but I am also interested in the real estate industry and have been exploring the option of getting my license. I am curious about the tasks that are most requested of you by your real estate agent clients. Would it be necessary to have my license to start working in this field? Or are your most requested tasks general administrative tasks? Thank you for your input!


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Re: Most requested tasks

No it isn't necessary to have a RE license to work for an agent. Every state has different laws in regards to what a non licensed assistant can do for an agent so you want to check with your local RE board about that. I'm not sure there is a "most requested" service with agents.

In my experience (I have a few agents as clients) it's different for different agents. A couple of my clients hate or don't want to learn social media so I handle that for them. A lot of agents that are a bit older don't get it and don't want to learn. (I hate generalizing but that's my experience).

For another agent I put all his listing packages together in PDF format and mail that info to clients however; in my state that isn't allowed unless you are licensed and I am (any client interaction). I keep a document library for him, branded everything from business cards to listings, to postcards he sends out. I do all the design for him of these products and get them printed as well.

I blog for a few clients using their Active Rain accounts and do Mailchimp newsletters as well.
I am also very interested in doing Real Estate work, but not sure I want to go to school for my license. I don't know how else to get experience in order to sell myself as a Real Estate VA. Any suggestions?


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Again I don't think most REVA's have their real estate license. I use to sell RE so I just have kept my license up to date. I contacted our local board of realtors and they have monthly social meetings at local restaurants and I attend those. Every so often at those meetings I get to "talk." A few minute "hello" and to sum up what I can do for them. Most of the tasks I perform for agents don't require a RE license.
I would need to learn how to work with listings etc. I'm not sure how to do that without actually spending time in a Realtors Office. So do I give my client a few free hours to show me what they need done? I really don't want to come across as having to be "taught" how to provide a service I am marketing. :-(
Ok, thank you. I was just thinking that there was maybe some basic tasks that all real estate agents need done, but I see now that's it's pretty much like every other kind of business where it can vary. I still may pursue getting my license because it is something that I would be interested in. I appreciate your input! :)


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Hi Tracy,

It depends on if they are with a national or independent office. I have to tell you RE school didn't teach me a thing about listings! Thats something you learn in office and if it's a national office they do it their own way and each office is different. I'd say most agents with national offices do their own listings.

I work for one agent that is in a small independent office and they had a logo but each agent really set up their listings their own way. I suggested to the office owner that we set up a basic template for listings, for stationary, business cards, etc. We did that and now they have carried that branding over to social media too. They basically "taught" me how they like their listing sheets. What they did was give me one and say this is the info we like set it up better. So I did.

Again I don't think you'd be doing this with agents in a national office (C-21, Keller Williams, etc). I am working with another national agent and he said our Active Rain for our entire office (huge national chain) is set up a bit differently than some others. To be truthful with you, I had never worked with Active Rain up to that point but I said, "Ok give me your sign in info and I'll look at it and if I don't understand something can you hook me up with someone in the office who can help." He loved that idea and so far I've not had to ask anyone anything. It's a website after all and they all sort of work the same.

I figured out how to blog with it and a few other things he's asked me to do. I do a LOT of postcards for my agents. Even in 2014 agents still send out postcards via US Post office. Most agents get a good response rate with them. They often pay a small fortune to a company to design the card, print it, address it and send. I'm apparently WAY less expensive, I love designing anything and I print them via VistaPrint. I pay my daughter and her friends to address them while they watch tv!

With all my clients I've been able to add services on as I get to know them. I always am asking my "regular" clients, what are you not getting done that you want too? What would you like to start doing (often it's social media)? Often they are even sure what to hand off or what I can do so these conversations help us both.
Thank You Susan!!!

This is very helpful as I see a great "niche" working with smaller Realtors and I actually know several that I will market too once I am at that point. I have a good friend who owns a small Realty/Property Management company and I am actually thinking about spending some time with her to get the feel for what they do.

But... that is still a ways away for me - I have SO MANY ideas! It is hard not to just jump right in!

You helped me a TON, thank you again!



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Yes Susan thank you!!

I worked in the real estate industry for about 4 years and put my license into escrow last year. I want to become a virtual assistant for an independent real estate broker, but I don't know where to start!

I should add I am older and I do have extensive background as an Executive Assistant, but have been out of the job market since my daughter was born 23 years ago. I got my real estate license in an attempt to sell/buy houses, but my broker (independent) didn't train me and I pretty much had to do things on my own. I created her website, brochures and business cards for her. In the end we got into a disagreement over her paying me and at that point I put my license into escrow.

Your information here was very helpful and helped quell some of my fears :)


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Go for it and don't take any "no's" personally. I attend our local Chamber of Commerce "After hours networking" events and also the events the Realtor board puts on. I come in contact with a lot of agents that way.

So many of them don't really realize all the ways we can help them. With all my agent clients I've started small, I don't really want to overwhelm them at networking events but I try and find out what they have been wanting to do but don't have the time.

If they say contact FSBO's I'll say why don't you let me source a list for you. If they say social media I'll offer to set up an account for them. Newsletters....? I'll say let me set up the template for you.

Then I've got my foot in the door and more time going forward to talk about other things I can do for them. I can write the letters/email to FSBO's or put together a package to take to them. I can write your newsletters and social posts and so forth.

All my RE clients I've started out with just one tiny job and with all of them my roll has expanded. I get lots of "no's" or I can't afford it (you can't afford not too!) or I'll think about it, that's ok but I keep trying. Not ever giving up!


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Susan you are an absolute doll!

I HAVE put together a FSBO package for the seller! I even have a Rent Vs Buying brochure! and a few other flyers and brochures that I can use. I did a lot of these for the broker who I dealt with, but she never used them so I kinda put it out of my head.

I even have buyers and sellers packages and foreclosure and short sale packages!

WOW! Thanks for the llightbulb moment!

All I basically have to do is just review and get out there. Office space is already set up. Marketing is my weak point, public speaking is out of the question for me ... I get all nervous and tongue tied ... but I can certainly send out mailers!

Awesome! Thank you Susan!


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Hello! I have worked with several independent RE agents for a year. Agents usually give me specified tasks on what to do such as designing flyers, business cards & brochures (thank goodness I'm capable of design), manage social media accounts, create presentations, etc.


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You can go to your state's real estate commission and they can give you all the laws pertaining to real estate in your state. For example, in Kentucky we have the Kentucky Real Estate Commission. That would be the "go to" for any questions you have about anything real estate related for the state.

Then you also have the local association of Realtors which can also help you. Each city or county should have one.

Hope this helped!


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These posts have helped alot, I am also going into RE as an Assistant and need to start off with little projects, to get going with things. I have worked with one client and he taught a few little things.