Question Moving Wordpress from subdomain to domain


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I spoke to Darlene about moving my site and she gave me some great resources but I have one question for all the Wordpress gurus.

When moving the files do I need to remove the index.html file that I have on my site from my current home page. Since you can only have one index file won't this cause conflict if I do not remove prior to moving my files to the main directory?

I am going to 301 redirect all my other pages but the index file has me stumped.

FYI: I am moving from to
Most hosts actually give index.php preference over index.html so you can test it out. It won't hurt anything to move your site & see what happens.
If index.php isn't the default, you can remove index.html after the move.


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Hi Lee,

I would backup, backup, backup first - your database and files from both locations. I like to backup to a folder on my computer, too. Instead of removing your index.html file, you could just rename it. :)

Just in case, here's a link on that gives different scenarios on how to make the move:

HTH a bit,


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Thanks Jules,

I will not only backup to my computer but I can always use the backups from my host too. And thanks for the rename idea, I forgot about that one.