My first networking meeting was great!


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I'm just starting up but I was invited to a networking meeting on Friday. I figured why not! It's never to early to start. It was great! The women were wonderful and so friendly! I made some wonderful contacts and one is already working out for me and I'm hoping the others pan out as well! :happydance:


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Yep, I have found though I do my work based out of my home that in person networking has always been my best way to gain clients, followed by personal referrals.

In person networking helps with the know, like and trust factor. Keep it up and way to go!


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Thanks Renee! I have another one tonight with the American Business Women's Assoc. I like the networking meetings also since I get the chance to interact with other people. Working from home you don't really get to do that!


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Awesome and congrats! I'm looking forward to joining my local Chamber of Commerce and Meetup group (when I'm ready).


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Face-to-face networking & referrals are how I've gotten my clients.

My wonderful little direct mail campaign? Nada!


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Went to my first networking meeting today. Turned up at the golf club where it was to be held (in the bar I hasten to add, not on the fairway!) and was told it had been cancelled due to lack of respondees! My friend was the contact point and her email address had been playing up so she hadn't got the message. We did have a nice lunch in a pub down the road, and I did give her some cards to pass on so I suppose it wasn't a total waste!

I'd been practicing my 'elevator pitch' and everything!!!
Face to Face networking is a great resource for clients. Another great resource? Clubs.

1) Identify your target market
2) Research clubs and events that those markets hold
3) Go!

Some prefer that you do not do any soliciting, and these are perfect events as well. Why? Because you can enjoy yourself, learn new things about the industry, and by nature the opportunity still comes up to say, "I am not a financial adviser, I do work for them"

"Oh? What do you mean?"

"We're here to enjoy the event, can we schedule a coffee to talk about it?"

:) Best of luck!

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Congrats and good luck on your next networking function! It's always good to get out and be seen. ABWA is a good group of women!