Question My Ideal Client .. ?


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I don't fully understand but part of the businessplan you should have an Ideal client.. If I love baking, graphics, cooking, drawing and I want to serve social media marketing ? what would be my ideal client cause I got lots of interests.

Help me.. Im so perplexed


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Your ideal client is not about your needs, wants and likes but theirs. So I offer technical support and mentoring. This is my ideal client, the person I want to work with who would benefit from my skills.

She is a solo biz owner who uses outsourcing and team members. She is high 5 to 6 fig biz income. Service base with some products. Somewhat tech savvy. Mom who understands the importance of family and me time. Vacations every year and enjoys time to herself.

She is a mover, wanting to continue to improve and build her biz. Not a micromanager but is involved in the process. Fun and a little bit of a smart-ass. Not afraid to voice her opinion, in a respectful manner and not afraid to take in honest feedback.

Recognizes that everyone has a skillset and sometimes you need to trust the process. Successful but doesn't judge her success by her bottom line.

So while I love to travel my people may not but they understand that there is down time and boundaries. Weekends are for my biz, me and my family. I worked in what was important to me with what they may be looking for.