Question My logo, name and tagline


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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the virtual assistant forum and would like feedback on my logo and tagline. I am not set on this one yet on it yet but would love your feedback.

My logo is attached

The name I am thinking about is KJH Virtual Assistant Solutions

Tagline: "Your office away from the office".



my 1st recommendation is that no matter what name or tag line you select, before make your final choice, I recommend you do a search and check your Top 5 choices through the United States Patent & Trademark Office ( - under Trademark Search). This is to ensure that whatever you do choose has not already been copyrighted or trademarked. Also this is important if you will be creating a company logo incorporating your name.

what is your website url?

you can use a tagline " Your Small Business Assistant"

Hope it helps
Hi Kim,

Am a little confused about the artwork for this. I was expecting to see the hi-res graphic you plan to use on your website. Not sure what I'm actually looking at here. (Did you take a picture of your computer screen with your phone...?)

Assuming there is a hi-res graphic of this image available to you somewhere, my only comment at this point would be: Do you want to have clients treat you like their (busty) secretary? Or like a business professional?

Personally, I would make sure I was okay with what my name and image conveyed before using it as my logo. You would not be the first VA to use a secretarial-type image -- just be sure you're okay with that before continuing.

Also, make sure that whatever domain name you want is available as a .com. You do have lots of choices with yours, but the shorter, the better.


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Thank you!!. I tossed the idea out to a couple individuals on the logo and asked for certain ideas and this is one of them that was sent to me the others had my initials in the logo which I thought was not the way to go either. I will definately retry something else now. This is the only sticking point for me and that is the logo.

As for the domain name, I checked serveral different ways with the name and all are available. I was not going to use the actual name as it is shown as the domain because as you stated it is too long.

So back to the drawing board with the logo. Thank you so much for your advise and input on the logo.