My website is up!


I can't find the site. When I search it, it comes to google, not the page.

Edit: Hmmm, what I can find sends me to a wordpress question asking about the website. I click on the link on the wordpress website and it takes me to your page. I'm not sure why entering the address didn't just take me directly to your website in the first place.

The site itself looks great, though you might like to see if there is a way to decrease the white space surrounding the links and information as I have found that most people don't scroll down unless there is an indication that they are missing something (such as seeing a partial image on a page that indicates they need to scroll down). Hope that makes sense. Also, clicking on each link opens it in a new tab. You may like to change this as the same links are in the top right hand corner so that it opens in the same tab but that's a personal thing.


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I love the site, very nice, very simple, easy to navigate. Really in my book it doesn't get any better. I really like how you've set up your services page, it's so clear what you offer.

If I had to make a suggestion it would be on your home page, up top where you have your social links, I'd put one there for email. I know you have one on the bottom of that page but I had to look for it and I don't think a client should ever have to search or scroll to figure out how to contact you. (and yes mine is done in a similar way, I need a website update).

Great job!


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Your site took a long time to load on my computer (Macbook using Chrome).

Love that you are using white space but there is a lot of wasted area in the header and above the fold. You may want to tighten that up a bit.

I know what you do but how can you help me? Your site is about your client, not you. And I don't see a nav bar.

Hope this helps.
Good morning, HopefullyVA,

I am new to this business and am in the process of building my website right now as we speak. I love that you're site is straight to the point! Your about me page made me feel comfortable with you. I think you did a good job.

Good luck!


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Congrad's on your website. Just adjust your footer. Remove WordPress and add Your Info. But other than that It Looks Nice. Also Welcome
Your website is taking quite a bit of time to load on my laptop. I have Windows 8.
I'm not able to see any graphics on it, just the text as it's still loading.

You may want to have people test it to see if it has a loading issue.


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@HopefullyVA one quick comment, the icon links on your home page > About me, Services, Rates, Testimonials are opening another browser window. To correct that, delete target="_blank" in the <a> tag. It will default to opening in the same browser window.

Your link currently looks like this: <a href="" target="_blank">

Ditto on the permalink comment by @ASmithVAdmin


The home page is taking a very long time to load from my end. I just saw that a number of people noticed the same. The site is very neat. I like it. However, on the Home Page, the menu is hidden at the bottom so your visitors might miss it if they don't scroll. You may just need to think about shrinking the spaces between the different sections of the home page.

Otherwise, well done!